Daniel Fitzgerald


Daniel Fitzgerald

Worth more than this.
Let your words rock me to sleep
But dream of my route out of here.
Catalog all I own;
Everything I’ll take.
Don’t need much.
Just to be beyond you.
Down south, through craters and mountains.
Stop in a grove of old growth.
Golden hills, orange sky painted behind the bridge.
Dance through a Kerouac novel,
27 steps too far from the road.
Salty breath—full heart.
Asleep in a U2 album,
Bathed in yellow.
Climb through the trees.
Up and over into the valley.
An hour up, weeks spent.
Picking up pieces of childhood,
Hopeful polish, uncertain of salvage.
Feel a storm coming,
Refuge in a cavern.
On the watch for lights,
Just happy to be standing in the rain.
One long shot until freedom.
New home, new normal.

Roll over into your arms,
Can’t sleep.
Excitedly tell you about
All the places we’re going next.
You smile like you might join this time,
But the moment sets with the sun.